NovaLaka is a technological innovator of slow release drug delivery systems in the drug delivery market focused on the trans-mucosal route and specialising in female healthcare.​

The idea behind the technology arose from the glaucoma research supervised by NovaLaka's cofounders at the Jerusalem College of Engineering in Israel. NovaLaka participated in round two of AtoBe's accelerator. Subsequently supported by the Israel Innovation Authority, NovaLaka now cooperates with numerous institutions including Hadassah Hospital.

We have developed an easy to apply smart polymeric substance, that is applied directly to the skin, in the treatment of ​vaginal dryness.

Our easy-to-administer biofilm is applied directly to the affected area and provides immediate and prolonged release of our moisturizing gel. 

NovaLaka's innovation and development provides additional exciting opportunities in trans-mucosal and transdermal routes for drug delivery. 



NovaLaka is an innovator of slow release drug delivery systems for the trans-mucosal drug delivery market



Eva Avrina, CEO

LLM in International Development Law

Eva has been working in business development in international settings for over 10 years, developing networks and partnerships with industries, governments and academia in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central and South East Asia. Her focus in NovaLaka is on promoting women in science and entrepreneurship, developing contacts with investors and partners, as well as overseeing the marketing activities of the company.


Yossi Avrina, COO

BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Yossi has extensive, hands on experience in mechanical design and engineering, working for companies such as Intel, Hitachi and Medinol. He expertise extends into R&D processes, manufacturing design and testing. He also oversees the operational and administrational side of NovaLaka.


Dr Adel Pinhasi, CTO 

PhD in Slow Release Polymers

Dr Pinhasi is a world renowned specialist in slow release systems and is a member of the Israeli Chapter of the Controlled Release Society. His expertise spans the fields of polymer science, biomaterials and chemistry. He has successfully built bio-medical startups such as PolyCaps and worked in the pharmaceutical industry with Dexcel-Pharma Ltd. He has over 70 patents under his name related to slow release polymers and lectures at Azareli College of Engineering in Jerusalem.

The smart, single-use, biodegradable adhesive film is inserted on the trans-mucosal tissue and a controlled system releases the active ingredient, such as medicines, antibiotics, hormones, vitamins and similar treatments, in a prescribed programmed dose, over a set time period, ensuring continuous release.

Our flagship product, EnGel, is based purely on the unique formulation of bio-adhesive and biodegradable polymers, in the revolutionary way targets vaginal dryness - the condition that affects 30% of women globally and over 80% of women in menopausal age.


EnGel is a convenient lubricating film that turns into gel under friction helping to keep the vagina moist during sexual intercourse.


Our proprietary delivery system is not a medicine and may be categorized as medical device (Pending FDA 510(k)).



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