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news & EVENTS

Establishment of NovaLaka

1 October 2015


We're very excited to introduce NovaLaka to the world of women's reproductive healthcare and the drug delivery market!

First Day at AtoBe Accelerator

26 October 2015


NovaLaka has been accepted into the prestigious AtoBe accelerator (the official accelerator of the Azrieli College of Engineering) and throughout the year we will be participating in the accelerator's Round Two.

AtoBe Accelerator

3rd Place in the Start Up Pitch, hosted by the Azrieli College of Engineering

27 October 2015


NovaLaka has won 3rd place in ACE's start up competition: Best Startup Idea, with panelists-investors from across China.

Facebook Start-up Exhibition

29 November 2016


We participated in  in an exhibition hosted at Hebrew University of Jerusalem featuring Facebook Israel.

JLM BioCity Presentation

22 December 2016


NovaLaka has become an official member of the Jerusalem BioCity Society.


2nd Place in the Semi Final of Guangzhou Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Pitch Competition (Israel)

7 May 2017


NovaLaka has won second place in the Semi Final of Guangzhou Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Pitch Competition hosted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. We look forward to the finals in Guangzhou, China later this month.

Funding received from the Israeli Innovation Authority

23 May 2017


NovaLaka has been awarded a grant by the Israeli Innovation Authoirty.

Israeli Innovation Authority 

1st Place in Guangzhou Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Pitch Competition (China)

7 June 2017


Having won second place in the Semi Final, NovaLaka flew to Guangzhou to take part in the Final of the competition. NovaLaka is delighted to have won first place out of over 100 startups from China, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel and Taiwan.

Global Pitch 2017